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Good morning,

Currently my JasperReports-Server is in version 6.2.0 and I would like to migrate it to version 8.1.1

For this, I must first migrate to version 7.1.1

As indicated in the documentation for the migration in 7.1.1, I would like to export the data of my JasperReports-Server 6.2.0 thanks to Buildomatic.

Therefore, I would like to download the 6.2.0 binaries.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find these binaries, neither on sourceforge nor on github.

So, I tried to export my data with the Buildomatic version 6.3.0 that I was able to download.

Unfortunately I got the following error org.hibernate.exception.SQLGrammarException. I guess this is because my database is in version 6.2.0 and not 6.3.0.

As a result, the only solution for me is to be able to download the 6.2.0 binaries.

Does anyone know where I could download them?

Thanks in advance.


Thomas Bédouin

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