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By: Daren O - rckrll106


2004-04-07 12:07

I've searched out of memory errors but haven't found anything that matches my problem.


I have a large file that is created on the server (25mb). (I realize that large files can be a problem when opened with the viewer.) However, on the server side I'm getting the List of pages, assigning a new JasperPrint object with same orientation, and only adding one page. As a result, I'm passing back one page. I can do this successfully with smaller reports, but not with this large report. I get the error:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

on the client when calling viewReport.


I believe this is a problem with the viewer, but would like to know if there is a solution. I was hoping jasper 0.5.2 would help, however I get the same problem. I also thought that sending one page back would never be too large to cause a memory error.


Please advise, thank you in advance.





By: Daren O - rckrll106

RE: OutofMemoryError

2004-04-07 14:13

Well, after debugging a little more the object doesn't even return from the server. A JasperPrint object is serialized, so why would there be such a problem returning it? Again it works with other reports. I'm running on Jboss and returning the JasperPrint object from a session bean.





By: Daren O - rckrll106

RE: OutofMemoryError

2004-04-07 14:25

Ok, got it fixed. I had to set the client's heap size large enough to return the object. I used a large number to make sure it would work like -Xmx128M.

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