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Multiple Group Headers On Same Line


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I am creating a Jasper report programmatically using Java code.  Everything is working well, except I would like to change how multiple group headers are displayed.  I have three groups to summarize financial data:  Year, Month, and Category.  Currently these are displayed in the report on separate lines like this:




I would like these group headers to appear on the same line, like this:

Year  Month  Category

Is there any way to do this?

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 Try for Grouping option in report but you need to create a field like concat(year,month,category) and use this field to create single group.

Or you can do this by Hiding all the groups band and use only Category Band to display all three Fields

Change Evalution Time as per group Created .

I have given 2 solution use which 1 you like . Let me know. 

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Thanks.  Unfortunately that won't work for me as I want to get the subtotals for each level of grouping.  I tried putting all the groups in the same band, but oddly then I got output that looks like this:

Year  Month  Category 1

Year  Month Category 1

                     Category 2


I don't know why Jasper is inserting an extra line with the groups on it.

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