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Scriptlet "finalize" events for Group

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By: Paul - pfaid

Scriptlet "finalize" events for Group

2004-03-29 15:25

The scriptlet provides "Init" events for report/page/group etc


What about "finalization" events.


I'm trying to create a chart to display the data from each group. In the beforeDetailEval event I'm collecting the data into the series. Once the group is finished I need to add that series to the chart and render the chart into an image, but there is no xxxGroupFinalize() methods.




1. Can I see that the group has 'ruptured' in the afterDetailEval() method

2. Can I call a scriptlet method like renderChart() from a field in the report, and place that field in a group footer. Does anyone have an example of this. (The docs say you can, but I couldn't get it to work)

3. <your brilliant suggestion here>


Thanks for any help







By: Paul - pfaid

RE: Scriptlet "finalize" events for Group

2004-03-29 21:44

OK so I got idea #2 working.


I created an image field and set the image evaluation to: ((MyScriptlet)$P{REPORT_SCRIPTLET}).getChartImage().


By placing the the image field in the groupfooter band, getChartImage() was called at the end of a group which achieved the desired result.

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