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Jasperserver using https and Edge/Chrome browser


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Jasperserver 8.0.0 / Windows Server 2019

After upgrading to Jasperserver 8.0.0. I have set it up to use https rather than http.  As mentioned in the documentation I've added a connector in Tomcat's server.xml (port 8443) with a newly created keystore.  I changed Jaspersever's web.xml to accept SSL only.

Both locally and remotely this works reliably with Firefox and Safari, but not with Chrome based browsers such as Edge and Chrome itself.  Using Jasperserver is slow in any case (also with Safari and Firefox), but with Chrome/Edge it is even slower and more often than not ends with a blank screen.  Re-executing the URL will - usually after two or three attempts - give the desired result, but it is not really workable.  It can happen with any screen: log-in screen, home screen or a report result screen.

If I set up the system to use http rather than https, then everything works fine (and fast) with all browsers.

Did I do something wrong in the https set-up or missed an important step?


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Top Posters In This Topic

I think I cracked it.  I don't know for sure this is the solution but at least these changes coincided with differences in behaviour.

In de extra <connection> tag in Tomcat's server.xml I initially had the attribute:
Which resulted in the erratice behaviour in Edge and Chrome.
I changed that to:
Which strangely enough had the reverse effect.  HTTPS worked fine in Edge/Chrome but no longer in FF.
Then I noticed there is a third option: 


in other words: with Nio2 in stead of Nio.
Again: whether that is actually the solution I'm not 100% sure, but for me it now works fine (and smooth) with all browsers I have available: Edge, Chrome, FF and Safari.


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