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Is it possible to generate a PDF file from a Jasper-Report without using the Studio software?


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Hi, a had already asked this question in another post where I originally had a different question. I hope by posting this as a seperate question, someone who maybe can help reads this.

Now that I did manage to get my report working as desired, I have a last special project: I would like to put a download link on my PHP website that generates a PDF-Download using my report. It would be great if I could pass a customer number to this link to make the report-query react according to this customer.

I have 3 questions:

- Is that possible at all with my version of 6.3.1.final or do I need another version like the server version of Jaspersoft?

- What is the best way to get into this? What keywords do I have to look for in the internet or manual?

- How difficult is it actually to get this PDF-Download working, assuming, that the report jrxml-file plus the Data Adapter already exist?

Any help to get started is appreciated!

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