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parameter, datasource problem

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By: JeGr - jegr78

parameter, datasource problem

2004-03-23 06:16


I've a problem with designing and filling a report using parameters and a datasource.

My main app returns a Hashtable with unique Strings as ID an a Vector as data. The Vector itself can contain any kind of Objects. The number of elements in the Hashtable and the number of elements in the Vector depends on user actions.

I looked at the datasource and the noxmldesign examples but I can't find a way to solve my problem for as in the given examples the datafields are already defined (which is not the case in my app).

Could someone please give me any hints?






By: David Lim - aberrant80

RE: parameter, datasource problem

2004-03-23 19:58

Are you saying that you won't know the names of the fields during report design? If so, then you might have a problem cos JasperReports doesn't work that way.


One way to handle this is to actually use placeholders as your field names. Then write a custom class to actually do the mapping between the placeholder field names and your actual field names; possibly modifying width and such along the way.

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