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How to fill the data from Result Set ?

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By: tanade - tanessawad

How to fill the data from Result Set ?

2004-03-22 22:52

My sql statement is "Select * from tblName"


I got the Result set from my sql query already and keep in variable "rs".My result set will look like 2 dimension array or table.i need to put every value (row,column) to each textField for create table in my report.Can jasperReport does it?if it can,how to code it.


I try to do like this.


JRResultSetDataSource rsDb = new JRResultSetDataSource(rs);


What's the thing which i have to do next for fill the values ?


this is my report layout which i need.


rs[0,0] rs[0,1] rs[0,2] rs[0,3]...........rs[0,12]

rs[1,0] rs[1,1] rs[1,2] rs[1,3].................







Anyone please help me?





By: David Lim - aberrant80

RE: How to fill the data from Result Set ?

2004-03-22 23:20

If you don't even have any idea how to do that, then you've definitely not looked at the samples. The samples very clearly shows you how to create the appropriate XML.

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