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Rest API : get the report result


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I have some trouble to get the resulting report when i launch a call to REST.

With postman, il send a GET to this endpoint for logging :


In Postman, i get a cookie with a JSESSIONID.

Next, i launch this POST query to execute a report (same cookie) :


This is the body :


I check the headers request to verify if this is the same cookie. It's the same.

This is the response :

    "exports": [
            "outputResource": {

When i launch the final query (GET) to retrieve the report i get an error. (same cookie in header)

Error :
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
36e04925-194f-4032-af92-c3589d9042be introuvable.</message>

I don't understant why i get this error because it's the same cookie for each query...

Thanks in advance for reply.

Sorry for my poor english.

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Is your requirement to get the report in PDF?
If yes, I think you can achieve this by simply issuing the following URL in the GET method.

* Reference

* Example URL


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