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hi every body,


i am able to generate a jasper report by using a query.i can view it in jasper viewer. Think of filtering in Microsoft Excel,where we can filter out the data using a combo box(drop down box).Can we implement a similar sort of combo box in the jasper viewer,so that the user can select the required data,and view the report. what should i use to achieve this?


Expecting every one's response at the earliest.




sorry for double clicking the submit button

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Hmmm I understand your request but I think that the viewer won't be able to do that. The viewer just shows the jrprint file contents.


You are requesting like a new application like the prompt for parameters while running the report available from the viewer?


Interesting but check the applet available in jasper reports. I haven't tried it yet but it might have something about your request.


If not submit a feature request.

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