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Error in the developed subreport

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By: sathya - postsathya

Error in the developed subreport

2004-03-17 21:36



I would like to know the flow of filling the report


I need to have a report with a subreport

such that for each row in the main report i ve a unique id column and i pass that id column to my subreport as a parameter so that the subreport cud produce some details of the id


expected output is


main report id1 A B C D

subreport id1 E F G

main report id2 A B C D

subreport id2 E F G

main report id3 A B C D

subreport id3 E F G



. .. some what like this .. ........



My data src of the main report returns a Table model that has all the rows for the main report and it returns the rows for the

subreport also simultaneously.


But in the developed report


I cud get only one row from Main report and all the preceeding were rows from the subreport


like the following


main report id1 A B C D

Subreport id1 E F G

Subreport id2 E F G

Subreport id3 E F G





and no other rows ffrom the main report is found there



( here i used the same data source for both the main and

subreports resp.. if required i can use separate one)


cud u explain me why this happens

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