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jrxml layout

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By: jack - noobishjack

jrxml layout

2005-07-15 14:09

hey, i'm new to jasperReports, and i've been having some problems finding documentation that can help fix the project i'm currently working on.


I need to create the jrxml file at runtime, then do all that other good stuff with it later on. My problem is, how can i use a list of javabeans as the datasource rather than a direct connection to a database.. as my project does not always allow me to directly access the file system.


i've tried to find the utimate guide.. but it's still down, and i really don't want to try to find a pirated copy of it.


could someone please post an example of how to use a list of javabeans as the datasource, then access certain fields from them?



thanks in advance,






By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: jrxml layout

2005-07-15 22:42




If you download the project source files package, you'll

find a "datasource" sample and a "noxmldesign" sample.

The first show you how to fill reports using JavaBeans

based data source and the second shows how to create

report templates on-the-fly using the API.

Make sure you really need dynamic report template.

Usually report templates are static and designing the

JRXML files using a GUI like iReport or JasperAssistant

is the simplest and best approach.


I hope this helps.







By: stone_cold - bssai

RE: jrxml layout

2006-07-13 04:37

Hi ,


Did u find out a solution for this.. I have attributes which will vary every time and are genrated during run time.

Can any one tell me how to design a template with out using iReport how to do it. becoz using iReport we can only do it for static fields that wanna display in a report. but mine is completely different.


Plz suggest. quite a bit urgent.



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