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By: moses paul - ampaul77

Jasper Print Help

2005-10-11 22:23

Hi all,

My app is web app. I used jasper reports to generate reports. I want to print reports when ever the user clicks the print button. For this I m using

following code


JasperPrintManager.printReport(jasperPrintObject,true ); It serches for serverside printer . But my app is web app. user clicks the print button at clientside.User want to print what he see on the page.Then How to acheive this? Is there any api that enables the client side printer? Please help me in this situation..

Thanx in Advance







By: NHTAn - deeprot

RE: Jasper Print Help

2006-02-15 02:34

You should use the applet for the printing job. Please review the webapp examples in the jasper package for more details.





By: tortois - tortois

RE: Jasper Print Help - client-side printing

2006-04-21 05:52

Are there any other options beside printer applet (as shown in webbapp example) that are available for client-side printing as described by ampaul77?

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