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Styled Text doesn't recognize bold or italic

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By: jjkben - jjkben

Styled Text doesn't recognize bold or italic

2005-10-18 15:03

When I pass <b> or <i> tags into a text field where styledtext is set to true, they are ignored. They don't print but the text they are surrounding does print. The <li> and <u> tags work properly in the same text field. They way I get the text to the Jasper Report is to enter it into an HTML <textArea> box in the browser and then read that with Java and send it on to the Jasper report as a String parameter.


I have tried this on text fields that are using embedded fonts and on text fields that do not. The demo/sample pdf application works completely fine. If I copy the demo/sample stuff into my <textArea> and send it through my program , the font size, underline, list item and font color all work but the italic and bold do not.


I am exporting to PDF. Versions are: Jasper Reports 1.0.2, Jasper Assistent 2.0.4


Thanks for any help you can provide.





By: GentooAlex - gentooalex

RE: Styled Text doesn't recognize bold or ita

2006-04-05 12:55

have you got a solution?

I am having the same problem with version 1.1.1.








By: Nacor - nacor

RE: Styled Text doesn't recognize bold or italic

2006-04-06 01:46

I think this happens only when exporting to pdf ? Printing the jasperPrint object should work. Thats the normal PDF has no bold and no italic attribute thing. To print bold characters with pdf, you have to use a bold charset. For that you have to use the style tags.

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Hi all.

Im facing this same problem. In my case the text fields are retrieved from the database so they will come dynamically.All other tags like subscript and superscript work perfectly fine,even in the PDF. Then why not bold and italic????I am using jasperreports 1.2.7 and jasperreports1.2.7 applet jars...

Pls reply asap....

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