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Has the Syntax for an JRXMLData expression changed?


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I'm using JasperReportStudio Community v 6.15.0 to design a new report.  The following subreport definition in a parent report.  I'm using xml files generated by my server as the datasource, and the syntax I'm using has been used in at least a dozen other reports without any problems.  I have successfully ran the subreport as a standalone report, using a xml data source with the full xml path as expressed below.

When I run the parent, nothing appears in the generated pdf file.  If I modify the data expression to to use an empty datasource, I do see the subreport appear where I expect it to, with null appearing where text would normally be.  The only difference between it showing up and not is the datasource expression.  I've opened up the error.log and there are no messages in there related to this.  Is there a new way to express a sub-XML datasource?  What's weird to me, is I can open up any of the older reports using a nearly identical dataSourceExpression (differing only in the xpath part) and they run just fine from the same environment.   This is bafflilng and frustrating.  Is there a new syntax to pass in an xml datasource, or is there another debug file I could look at to figure out what's going on?


 For an empty dataset I'm using:

<dataSourceExpression><![CDATA[new net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JREmptyDataSource()]]></dataSourceExpression>

Non-working subreport:


<reportElement x="69" y="70" width="489" height="90" uuid="984977e0-78aa-4f20-a05b-1048fe69e0f1"/>

<subreportParameter name="IMAGE_DIR">






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