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New Page for Group Footer

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By: Chuck Deal - cdeal

New Page for Group Footer

2005-04-15 09:34

I see that group has an attribute called isStartNewPage that determines if the group header should begin on a new page. I want the group footer to begin on a new page also.


How have others overcome this? It might be possible to put two groups on the report with the same groupExpression and then use a scriptlet to determine when the goup is done (to set a flag). Then the second group would have a printWhenExpression that would utilize the flag so that it only printed when the group was done.


My question would be why doesn't JasperReports support a "StartNewPage" attribute for both GroupHeader and GroupFooter? Second, would it be possible to support such attributes in an upcoming release?





By: C-Box - c-box

RE: New Page for Group Footer

2005-04-16 00:07

Hi Chuck,


I have some similiar problems which page breaking... Wouldn't many problems with breaking pages much more simple when there would be an attribute at the detailband like "PageBreakWhenExpression".....


In our old ERP-System we had an attribute on each position where the user could decide wheter that position should start on a new page when printing....So I do currently migrate the print function into our new java-based ERP System.... but I still have the problem with the user definable page breaks. I guess with a feature like I suggested it would be much easier, or what do you think?


So the whole "dummy group defining" because of getting some page breaks could go away and groups would be used for what they actually were designed.


just my two cent - not an answer to your question.... but perhaps if you think that would also help you... we could convince Teodor together?!?! :-)


have a nice weekend..






By: Chuck Deal - cdeal

RE: New Page for Group Footer

2005-04-18 05:32

I agree that something needs to be added. I don't exactly know what, but something.


Maybe some focus should be placed on the API to be more flexible. By this I mean, let the user do as much as he can think of.


For example, the ability to only break on Group Header seems arbitrarily limiting. Why only the Header? The idea of a band having a PageBreakExpression seems to be very flexible. The fact that it would be an expression gives the developer great flexibility when coding the report and the fact that it would be attached to each BAND (which is at the center of all groups and predefined sections like detail, page, column, etc) adds even more configurability.


Obviously, I'm biased towards fixing the Page Break problem, but I believe that the API should be examined to find other areas where JasperReports is arbitrarily limiting and try to expand the features.







By: marcelo - marceloquinho

RE: New Page for Group Footer

2005-04-27 12:15

Somebody already obtained to convince Teodor?





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: New Page for Group Footer

2005-05-04 11:37




I'll start dig into this.









By: C-Box - c-box

RE: New Page for Group Footer

2005-05-05 04:40

I agree with your opinion concerning the needed bands that should be breakable.


But as I did understand your last posting right you don't want to add something new to avoid using dummy-groups for breaking the pages at detail-level, isn't it?!?


I don't like using many dummy groups just to get a page-break... for me/us it's probably no problem... but I do predesign our reports and our customers have to change them to their needs... to explain our customers the usage of the many dummy-groups (I do use already up to 9 dummy-groups for the usage of subreports because of overlapping each other) is now already very difficult. They don't understand what I'm talking of because of missing knowledge how the output can be controled with that dummy-groups)


So is it so difficult to add a "PageBreakWhenExpression" at the detailband? (or at the three bands GroupHeader/Detail/GroupFooter)


Unfortunately I've not much time to dig into the code as deep as it probably would necessarry to understand the whole process of breaking pages.


hoping for your comments







By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: New Page for Group Footer

2005-05-05 05:25


OK. I'll see about adding this new Boolean expression

for page breaks.









By: Chuck Deal - cdeal

RE: New Page for Group Footer

2005-05-09 07:56

I think the new attribute for group footers would be enough for my needs. However, I agree that expressions may be a worthwhile feature as well.


Thanks for looking into this!







By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: New Page for Group Footer

2005-05-04 11:47


Well, now that this is still hot...


As I see it, controlling page breaks at section level

only makes sense for group headers, group footers,

the detail and the summary.

It does not make sens for page and column headers and

footers or even the title section.


For the group header, we already have "isStartNewPage"

and "minHeightToStartNewPage" which I agree are not

expression-based for the moment.

For the summary we have "isSummaryNewPage".

We are left with the detail section, for which the current

solution is to use a dummy group.

More problematic is starting a group footer on

a new page.


I guess adding "isFooterNewPage" would solve Chuck's

problem and weaken the lobby for this...









By: jyz - jyz

RE: New Page for Group Footer

2006-02-20 13:01

Does JasperReport has "isFooterNewPage" now? I looked at DTD file, but did not find it.



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