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performance problems

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By: ks217 - ks217

performance problems

2005-02-24 02:28

I wrote a simple application that generates a pdf file using jasperreport. Datasource is a simple xml-file.


When i run this application with SUN sdk 1.4.2 on windows it takes about 2 seconds to generate the pdf file. When i run this application with IBM sdk 1.4.2 on a aix 5.2 System it takes 30 seconds to generate the pdf file.


compileReport: windows 821 ms, aix 15260 ms

fillReport: windows 481 ms, aix 13481 ms

exportReportToPdfFile: windows 400 ms, aix 4562 ms


Has someone any idea? Unfortunately I have to use aix.

Is it possible to speed up jasperreports on aix / ibm sdk?


Best regards.





By: ks217 - ks217

RE: performance problems

2005-11-30 03:30

Today I tested it with the newest JasperReport 1.1.1.

There is still the same performance on aix.


Any ideas?

Best regards.





By: Nick Goh - nickgoh

RE: performance problems

2006-01-26 03:16

Hi ks217,


I have the same problem 2... took an hour to generate 1000pages reports.


running on aix 5.3


maybe you could try this :






By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: performance problems

2006-01-26 03:24




How much memory do you allow your JVM to use?

If there is not enough memory, the JVM will spend

too much time garbage-collecting things.


Try increase the memory with the -Xmx command line



I hope this helps.


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