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isRemoveLineWhenBlank not working

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By: sercasti - sercasti

isRemoveLineWhenBlank not working

2005-12-29 07:09

the property isRemoveLineWhenBlank works great for my floating textfield2 when:






then my excel shows (when textfield2 is blank):




the problem is, when this same textfields with the same config are horizontally aligned it stops working, so


textfield1 textfield2 textfield3


shows in my excel as:


textfield1 textfield3


any ideas?






By: sercasti - sercasti

RE: isRemoveLineWhenBlank not working

2005-12-29 07:18

well the post doesn´t show the space at the end on the horizontal alignment.... imagine the "-" chars are the blank space, meaning



textfield1 ---------- textfield3





By: jasperkan - jasperkannan

RE: isRemoveLineWhenBlank not working

2006-01-06 09:43

Hi i am struck on the exact issue and doesnt got any clue . Did u managed to get any solutions ?

I am using the PrintWhenExpression but it leaves blank spaces instead of the hidden column !!!


any pointers most welcome...



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