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By: Thiago Leã¯Moreira - thiagolm


2005-12-22 16:46





I have a report that only display a image (gantt graphic), but this image is greater than page that I want print on!! There is a way to split this image in small images that fit in the page??




p.s. my english is beta version!!





By: Johnny A - sykosity

RE: Image

2005-12-22 21:16

Can't you scale the image to the right size in your applicaton before filling the report? Or use your application to split the image into your desired pieces before filling the report?


JasperReports doesn't handle splitting images (from what I understand), so it seems to me that your issue is at the application level and not JasperReports.







By: Thiago Leã¯Moreira - thiagolm

RE: Image

2005-12-23 04:55



Ok, i will do that!! Another question, How can I make a image to use all space available in the detail section of a page?? I want to display only one image per page!







By: Johnny A - sykosity

RE: Image

2005-12-23 08:34

I don't think you want the image to use all the space in the 'detail' band technically, because the detail band gets repeated for every record in your datasource.


Rather, I would reduce all bands down to size 0 and then create a new group with no expression (dummy group). You'll end up with a group header and group footer. Reduce either the header or the footer band down to size 0, so that you are left with only 1 band.


Set the size of this group band to be as big as you can get it (approximately 800 pixels long by 600 pixels wide, depending on your document size and margins).


Then place your image in that entire area, center it horizontally and vertically and you're done.


I don't know if my solution to your problem is exactly what you want or if it's the best way to do this. You can probably do this without having to insert a dummy group and just using one of the existing document bands instead (except for the detail band). Hopefully that helps.



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