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error executing sql statement for null


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Help! I always have this erro message whenever i want to view my report ftom java gui "net.sf.jasperreports.engine.jrexception error executing sql statement for null". I can preview the report without any problem, just whenever i try to click a button form the java gui, the same error message always pop up. Is there any problem with my SQL? Where is the null? I'm really frustrated because of this.

SELECT     brgkeluar_kmf.`tanggal` AS brgkeluar_kmf_tanggal,     brgkeluar_kmf.`kode` AS brgkeluar_kmf_kode,     brgkeluar_kmf.`nama` AS brgkeluar_kmf_nama,     brgkeluar_kmf.`satuan` AS brgkeluar_kmf_satuan,     brgkeluar_kmf.`kategori` AS brgkeluar_kmf_kategori,     brgkeluar_kmf.`departemen` AS brgkeluar_kmf_departemen,     brgkeluar_kmf.`blok` AS brgkeluar_kmf_blok,     brgkeluar_kmf.`estate` AS brgkeluar_kmf_estate,     brgkeluar_kmf.`jumlah` AS brgkeluar_kmf_jumlah,     brgkeluar_kmf.`harga` AS brgkeluar_kmf_hargaFROM     `brgkeluar_kmf` brgkeluar_kmfWHERE tanggal BETWEEN $P{nomorAwal} AND $P{nomorAkhir}[/code]
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I set the datatype to varchar and the parameter is text. I think they should have the same datatype. And the error is the same. net.sf.jasperreports.engine.jrexception error executing sql statement for null. I dont know what is the null mean here.

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