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supress empty reports

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By: Alan - manojlo

supress empty reports

2005-12-21 07:45

Hi guys. Need your help.


I am using quartz scheduler to schedule jasper reports to be generated at a certain time and emailed to a customer.


My question is how can i supress sending out empty reports? For example, if there is no data in the db table, and the pdf file generated with jasper contains only static text i do not want to send the report out.


I do not know which report will i execute at runtime so I cannot know which SQL query I am executing before the exporting jasper report.


ANy suggestions, ideas.


Thanks a lot





By: David Heffelfinger - heffel

RE: supress empty reports

2005-12-21 07:57

The default behavior is to generate no report when there is no data in the datasource, therefore it looks like you are overriding this default behavior in your JRXML.


Try either removing the whenNoDataType attribute from the <jasperReport> element or setting it (whenNoDataType) to "NoPages".



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