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Problem with percentages values into crosstab

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By: asulis - asulis

Problem with percentages values into crosstab

2005-12-16 00:45


I used the new JR's crosstab functionality in ordar to create a report with one field into rows and one into columns. I magine I have three different values into rows, for example, and six into columns. I have the totals groups for rows and columns also.

My problem is that I have to put in each cell not the real value, but the calculated percentage value, referred to the total I have in each row. So for each column I have to "store" the total, in order to use it to calculate percentages.

i couldn't find the way to calculate and store totals for each column. Does someone knows how to solve this ?

Thanks in advance






By: Lucian Chirita - lucianc

RE: Problem with percentages values into cros

2005-12-19 01:09



Currently crosstabs support percentage out of the grand total only. Support for other percentage calculations will be added to future releases.


However, you could use a trick to show percentages out of a row total:

- pass as a parameter to the crosstab something that you can use to store the row total value

- set totalPosition=Start for the column group so that you can save the total value.

- in the total column cell, place the value inside the holder.

- in the row cells, retrieve the value from the holder and use it to calculate the percentage.




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