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Howto avoid overlaying text in band

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By: Per Newgro - newgro

Howto avoid overlaying text in band

2005-12-16 00:57

Hi *,


i've added a static text field to bottom of the lastPageFooter. On top of this band i've added a parameter text field containg text inserted by user.

The size of user added text is not limited. So it happens that the user adds more text lines then i provided for parameter text field and the static text field at band-bottom will be overlayed.


Which state do i have to set on which of the textfields so that the text will not be overlayed?








By: Johnny A - sykosity

RE: Howto avoid overlaying text in band

2005-12-18 14:46

Don't know for sure, but maybe try having your static text field at the band-bottom set as: fixRelativeToBottom for position type, and have the text field parameter set as: float for position type.


If that doesn't work, maybe try some other combinations, such as fixRelativeToTop for your text field parameter, and float for your static text field.



Hope that helps.

Perhaps if you get the chance you can help me:




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