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By: Norbert - noreic


2005-12-16 23:02

Can one invoke an custom Java class in a textFieldExpression?


I created a class called StringUtil that has a static method called getId. This method returns a string.


Now, I added the following expression in report created using iReport:




I also included the import to the iReport definition. But once I tried to compile the report I got the following JRException:


Errors were encountered when compiling report expressions class file: 1. The method getId() is undefined for the type StringUtil


I move the report Java source code to Eclipse and I was able to do the Java compilation.


So, the usage of the StringUtil class is valid (in Java), but the JasperReport compiler doesn't like it's usage in a textFieldExpression.







By: Norbert - noreic

RE: textFieldExpression

2005-12-17 01:04

Yes, one can use a custom Java class. In my case, the error happened because the .jar file didn't have that class... :( I added the custom class to the .jar file and then I was able to invoke the method and display the text generated by the custom class in the report.

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