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Add a NEW field to an EXISTING domain in Jasperserver 7.5


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In Jasperserver 7.5, how can I add a NEW field to an EXISTING domain without moving my table with the new field from Selected Tables to Available Tables and back again? Doing so wipes out Pre-Filters and Data Presentation information. In 7.1, it was simple to do this. This question is for 7.5.

ETA: I can, however, add a field to a Derived Table by editing, running the query, and adding the new field to the selected fields. The new field then automatically becomes available in Data Presentation. This is fine going forward, as I can present all of my tables as derived tables. However, I have several domains already created and in use that do not have (previously unneccessary and frankly superfluous) derived tables to mirror each data warehouse table. It's a common request from our customer to add more fields to their datasets, and this is going to be a pain point in our move to 7.5. 

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