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Different machines produce different results

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By: David Karnowski - karnowski

Different machines produce different results

2005-12-12 13:23



We have the same compiled jasper report (*.jasper) running on two different Solaris 8 machines (maybe different patch levels) using identical versions of Java and Jasper libraries (1.1.0) and it produces (very slightly) different results.


Machine 1 report: http://www.vzavenue.net/~karnowski/clsalesalloc-11344209150650.pdf

Machine 2 report: http://www.vzavenue.net/~karnowski/clsalesalloc-11344207270770.pdf


Note how the printing of the "From:" and "To:" parameters, the "Business Type:" label, and the "Run at:" variable get cut off in the second report?


Any idea why the same "*.jasper" binary would run differently depending on where it is deployed?









By: Denny Valliant - xenden

RE: Different machines produce different resu

2005-12-12 13:57

Could be different system fonts maybe? You could try including the font in the jar, or a jar...


maybe different itext libraries or something like that? Are all the required libs the same on both?


Shot in the dark, probably idea #1 is more likely... don't know if #2 would cause it...








By: David Karnowski - karnowski

RE: Different machines produce different resu

2005-12-12 14:25

I see. I think you're onto it with the fonts thing. On the Solaris servers that produce the good output we have a /usr/openwin/lib/X11/fonts directory with various fonts installed. On the Solaris server where things are getting cut off this directory doesn't exist. Not sure where Jasper/Java is getting it's fonts from on Solaris but I'm guessing you've sent me on the right track.

Thanks for your help, I'll try get fonts installed on our problematic server and see how we go.






By: David Karnowski - karnowski

RE: Different machines produce different resu

2005-12-13 12:33

Just to close this out, it was a missing fonts issue. After following Sun's font package installation requirements for Java on Solaris ( http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/font-requirements.html ) everything is now good.


Many thanks to xenden for his insight :-)

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