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backwards compatibility

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By: Udo Rader - daudo

backwards compatibility

2005-12-09 05:48



I have a situation where I have many *.jasper objects that were produced with an older version of the library.


Now of course when I try to run such a report using the most current version of the jasper libs, it throws an exception that the versions are not compatible.


Yet recompiling the *jasper files with a new lib version is unfortunately no option for some reasons. So is there any other way to use such "old" *jasper files?






By: macoute3 - macoute3

RE: backwards compatibility

2005-12-09 06:41

A jasper file is the serialization of a JasperReport object.


In order to guarantee the compatibily with newer version of jasperReport, you must use jrxml file, and to design a task to rebuild .jasper with the newer version.





By: C-Box - c-box

RE: backwards compatibility

2005-12-09 09:29

I built such a automatic "ReCompiler" if the loader throws an exception because a new Lib was installed... worked fine .. so we do store the designs as JRXML and as JASPER within a database.. for printing just the JASPER files are loaded as Objects from DB ... if that fails the corresponding JRXML is loaded within the catch-Block and with the JDT-Compiler I try to recompile the design... if that was sucessful i do store the new JASPER back to database... so that this should just happens once.


Works perfectly since 0.5.X :-)








By: Udo Rader - daudo

RE: backwards compatibility

2005-12-09 10:05



your suggestion sounds very interesting. We are storing the jasper files in database as well, but your idea of also storing the jrxml filse is something that I did not think of yet.


TAL ;-)

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