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Why Jaspersoft Studio Allocate gigabytes when open a report or just place a static textbox?


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Every time I open a jrxml file the JasperSoft Studio start to allocate almost 5 gigabytes from my ssd. the ssd usuage is 100% and JasperSoft is freezing till it eat up the space from my disk. Also this is happening randomly when I want to place a new static text box or what ever in my report. when I close the Studio I get back the allocated gigabytes but not every time since tha last I lost 20 gigs that I cannot fing anywhere. When I use jaspersoft it always freezes randomly because it starts to use the disk 100%. Once I try to place a text field and it freezed out as always allocate 0.5 gigs from my disk it takes 30 seconds  then when I can continue to make my report at the same timeI get back that 0.5 gigs. 

It happens with 6.5.1 and 6.9 too.


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Have a look at the Virtualizer settings:

Preferences > Jaspersoft Studio > Report Execution

JasperPrint objects created when you run a report in Studio use these settings.


Also I find the default Java memory settings for Studio to be light.

Edit the Jaspersoft Studio.ini file to give more memory, which will improve performance.

These are vmargs I set:


remove the:


Not useful in later versions of Java 8 that Studio uses.

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