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Connection refused after generating a lot of reports


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Thank you for your time to read my question, I can image you will have a busy life so I apricate your time.

I have a jasperserver version 7 running in the cloud.

With the rest service PostReportExecutions we generate reports on the server.

Every month there is a process that runs at night and generates around the 400 repots.

Last night it did that in a few min of time.

Only for some reason when I now try to generate a report I get a connection refused error from the server.

The service stopt partiualy I needed to do: ./ctlscript.sh start to start it again.


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Were you getting a 502 Connection Refused HTTP response? That usually indicates a proxy or load balancer problem. Assuming you are using AWS, check whether your load balancer has available instances and the security groups are allowing access to the JasperReports Server instances/

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