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aspersoft problem in getting data with same tag (field) name from xml


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Im newbie in JasperSoft. I have problem retrieving data with same tag (field) name. My xml have the name field "ChargeIssuerOrgNameRu" repeatly used.

I can only able to get the first "ChargeIssuerOrgNameRu" data,

Any help will be highly appreciated.


jrxml : 


xml :

<RegCharges><EntryDate>2014-04-28+06:00</EntryDate><ChargeIssuerOrgNameRu>first article</ChargeIssuerOrgNameRu></RegCharges><RegCharges><EntryDate>2014-05-04+06:00</EntryDate><ChargeIssuerOrgNameRu>Second article</ChargeIssuerOrgNameRu></RegCharges>

And yeah, I am not getting why the jrxml named "RegChargeIssuerOrgName" instead of "ChargeIssuerOrgNameRu" (the project is not mine)

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