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Is it possible to be using datasource from server to make report?


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I've made a jaspersoft server that's running on a docker host, it has access to a database running on the same docker host, which it can connect to when you're on the jaspersoft server.

My user,  has access to the website but not the database directly. He is to  make reports using jaspersoft studio.

So I want him to be able to use the datasource that I have made on the website, since he can't use an data adapter that he has made on his end.

I've tried importing the datasource from the server as a local data adapter but then jaspersoft studio is stuck getting metadata

Is this possible?


my solution is based on the github project: https://github.com/TIBCOSoftware/js-docker

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This is a general issue about how to expose a data source running with a container to the outside world for development purposes. This is exactly the same as accessing a database behind a firewall.

You have 2 options that I can think of:

- Expose the port(s) the data source is running on, just like you would do for a web server.

- Use a bastion pattern, where there is a container within your container environment that has SSH exposed, which you can then use to tunnel into the data source container.



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