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I am trying to add reports to the main View menu and spent over a day now reading and re-reading the manual and trying things to get it working but without success.

Items have been adde to the menu OK by editing actionmodel-navigation.xml.

eg. <option labelKey="menu.r1" action="primarynavModule.navigationOption" actionArgs="actionarg"/>

The problem is in getting this to do anything useful.

If I make "actionarg" the same as an existing navigationpath such as "search" it works fine but  I have added my own navigation paths, even tried just replicating the the search function but can not get it to work.

In the browser console I get 'Uncaught TypeError : Cannot read property 'params' of undefined at Object.setNewLocation.

It's as if my changes in actionModel.primaryNavigation.js are being ignored. (I'm clearing all browsing data each time I edit it too.)

Any ideas what I could be doing wrong here?

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