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iOS SDK which API method I need to call for Download PDF File into Mobile/ Simulator Document folder?


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Hi All, 

I am geeting request ID , export ID , I am calling 

// Testing in iOS 



I am geting Null   Response: (null) 



As Per SDK - I am calling below method in JSRESTBase+JSRESTReport  file. 


- (void)loadReportOutput:(nonnull NSString *)requestId exportOutput:(nonnull NSString *)exportOutput

           loadForSaving:(BOOL)loadForSaving path:(nullable NSString *)path completionBlock:(nullable JSRequestCompletionBlock)block;



 @param requestId A <b>requestId</b> parameter of the report execution response

 @param exportOutput Export parameters as string:

    - for JRS version smaller 5.6.0 it should be in the follow format: {reportFormat};pages={pageOrPagesRange};attachmentsPrefix={attachmentsPrefixUrlEncodedValue};

    - for JRS version 5.6.0 and greater it should be GUID string; @param loadForSaving If TRUE, report output will be saved by path

 @param loadForSaving If TRUE, report output will be saved by path

 @param path The path where the report output will be saved. Ignored, if loadForSaving is FALSE.

 @param block The block to inform of the results


 @since 1.9



Please let me know where i am wrong?


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