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Word Broken

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By: quetzal - quetzal_caido

Word Broken

2005-11-28 09:02



I have the following system:

Linux RedHat 7.3 AS

Java 1.5.0_04 jsdk

Tomcat 5

JasperAssistant 1.0.2


And I have the following problem:

I have a "Text Field" in the "detail band" of a report, with a text of 100 words approximately,

when I generate a file pdf, the jasperengine cuts the content of "Text Field" in the last word,

only when remains a single word before the break to a new line in the "Text Field", this event don't

happen when remain more than one word, in this case the jasperengine create a new line in the field

and the text appear complete.

this happens with little frequency.

But in a similar system on platform Windows it works perfectly. the event never happen.


The properties of the TEXT are the following ones:








The properties of the detail band are the following ones:

SplitAllowed = "false"



I thank for its commentaries and readings beforehand.

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