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Internal Timeout viewing a new Report


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i have a new Instance of Report-Server 7.2 (error occurs on 7.1 too) without Internet access.

If I try to view a Report, also a Sample Report there are two minutes of  "Loading" before the DB-Request starts and the Report is rendered. Refresh of the Report works immediately, Refresh of the Page has the same two minute-gap.

I set all visible LogInformations to Debug. In the catalina.out there is the gap visible, but no timeout Error or Message. The Browser shows no error at all too.

Thanks for your help !

Snip of catalina.out:

2019-05-30 12:20:45,886 DEBUG SQL,http-nio-8088-exec-1:92 - select reporeport0_.id as id1_46_0_, reporeport0_1_.version as version2_46_0_, reporeport0_1_.name as name3_46_0_, reporeport0_1_.parent_folder as parent_f4_46_0_, reporeport0_1_.childrenFolder as children5_46_0_, reporeport0_1_.label as label6_46_0_, reporeport0_1_.description as descript7_46_0_, reporeport0_1_.resourceType as resource8_46_0_, reporeport0_1_.creation_date as creation9_46_0_, reporeport0_1_.update_date as update_10_46_0_, reporeport0_.reportDataSource as reportDa2_42_0_, reporeport0_.query as query3_42_0_, reporeport0_.mainReport as mainRepo4_42_0_, reporeport0_.controlrenderer as controlr5_42_0_, reporeport0_.reportrenderer as reportre6_42_0_, reporeport0_.promptcontrols as promptco7_42_0_, reporeport0_.controlslayout as controls8_42_0_, reporeport0_.data_snapshot_id as data_sna9_42_0_ from JIReportUnit reporeport0_ inner join JIResource reporeport0_1_ on reporeport0_.id=reporeport0_1_.id where reporeport0_.id=?
2019-05-30 12:20:45,887 DEBUG SQL,http-nio-8088-exec-1:92 - select repofilere0_.id as id1_46_0_, repofilere0_1_.version as version2_46_0_, repofilere0_1_.name as name3_46_0_, repofilere0_1_.parent_folder as parent_f4_46_0_, repofilere0_1_.childrenFolder as children5_46_0_, repofilere0_1_.label as label6_46_0_, repofilere0_1_.description as descript7_46_0_, repofilere0_1_.resourceType as resource8_46_0_, repofilere0_1_.creation_date as creation9_46_0_, repofilere0_1_.update_date as update_10_46_0_, repofilere0_.file_type as file_typ3_14_0_, repofilere0_.reference as referenc4_14_0_ from JIFileResource repofilere0_ inner join JIResource repofilere0_1_ on repofilere0_.id=repofilere0_1_.id where repofilere0_.id=?
2019-05-30 12:20:45,888 DEBUG SQL,http-nio-8088-exec-1:92 - select count(id) from JIFileResource where reference =?
2019-05-30 12:20:45,889 DEBUG SQL,http-nio-8088-exec-1:92 - select count(id) from JIAccessEvent where resource_id =?
2019-05-30 12:20:45,889 DEBUG SQL,http-nio-8088-exec-1:92 - select count(id) from JIReportThumbnail where resource_id =?
2019-05-30 12:20:45,890 DEBUG SQL,http-nio-8088-exec-1:92 - select nextval ('hibernate_sequence')
2019-05-30 12:20:45,891 DEBUG SQL,http-nio-8088-exec-1:92 - insert into JIAccessEvent (user_id, event_date, resource_id, updating, id) values (?, ?, ?, ?, ?)
2019-05-30 12:20:45,892 DEBUG SQL,http-nio-8088-exec-1:92 - insert into JIAccessEvent (user_id, event_date, resource_id, updating, id) values (?, ?, ?, ?, ?)

 - What happens here ???

2019-05-30 12:22:45,953 DEBUG SQL,http-nio-8088-exec-2:92 - select this_.id as id1_47_0_, this_.version as version2_47_0_, this_.uri as uri3_47_0_, this_.hidden as hidden4_47_0_, this_.name as name5_47_0_, this_.label as label6_47_0_, this_.description as descript7_47_0_, this_.parent_folder as parent_f8_47_0_, this_.creation_date as creation9_47_0_, this_.update_date as update_10_47_0_ from JIResourceFolder this_ where this_.uri=?
2019-05-30 12:22:45,960 DEBUG SQL,http-nio-8088-exec-2:92 - select repofolder0_.id as id1_47_0_, repofolder0_.version as version2_47_0_, repofolder0_.uri as uri3_47_0_, repofolder0_.hidden as hidden4_47_0_, repofolder0_.name as name5_47_0_, repofolder0_.label as label6_47_0_, repofolder0_.description as descript7_47_0_, repofolder0_.parent_folder as parent_f8_47_0_, repofolder0_.creation_date as creation9_47_0_, repofolder0_.update_date as update_10_47_0_ from JIResourceFolder repofolder0_ where repofolder0_.id=?
2019-05-30 12:22:45,962 DEBUG SQL,http-nio-8088-exec-2:92 - select reporesour_.id as id1_46_ from JIResource reporesour_ where reporesour_.name=? and reporesour_.parent_folder=?


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