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Report Book: combine TOC page with sub-repots?

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I am trying to add a table of contents in a report book using the following example:


The difference from the example mentioned above and my case is that I have more information that goes on the TOC (table of contents) report page. This information in is in form of sub-reports and text fields which have heights that are not known on design time.

What I tried was to add the TOC information in one detail band and the rest in another. This does not work as all the detail bands are repeated for all the TOC entries.

Next I tried to add the TOC information using a sub-report. However this results in wrong page numbers as soon as there are multiple pages for the TOC section. (Apparently because sub-reports can not deal well with page numbering).

Is there any other way that this can be be achieved, keeping the styling and the page number?

The jrxml used for the table of contents is this: https://github.com/openoereb/pyramid_oereb/blob/master/print/print-apps/oereb/toc.jrxml and in this version a sub-report is used to embed the actual TOC https://github.com/openoereb/pyramid_oereb/blob/master/print/print-apps/oereb/toc.jrxml#L197 which leads to a wrong page numbering.

Thank for any hint.

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