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Unable to find JasperReports IO Directories


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I can't seem to find any of the directories referenced in the user guide. After connecting to my instance via ssh I am not presented with any of the directory files. I remoted in using ec2-user and the ipv4 address. Am I missing something? Where is the jrio service installed, the templates, the underlying data etc...

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Top Posters In This Topic

1)     I’ve successfully deployed the cloudformation template on AWS and have been able to access the OOTB webapp to generate the sample reports. However, I can’t seem to find the actual templates, I’ve remoted into the instance using ec2-user and the ipv4 address and looked across the folders with no luck.

Abhishek: S3 repository is typically empty. You can either download the samples from https://demo.jaspersoft.com/jrio-docs/#report-gallery or ssh into AMI and then move the samples to repository

3)     Is it possible to configure a report template to pull data stored in S3? Storing the jrxml in S3 is one thing but in addition to that I’m looking to pull data into the templates utilizing Athena APIs – is this possible?

Abhishek: You can definitely access data stored in S3 bucket as a datasource for your report building. Either you can directly point to the specific file (xls, csv etc) or use JDBC driver (Athena, S3 etc). 

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