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AWS JasperReports IO CloudFormation template


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Followed the instructions to deploy the JasperReports IO product on AWS via the template after the successful completion I am unable to access the instance on port 8080. I did successfully SSH into the instance and also pinged My security groups are all configured correctly allowing (SSH, TCP, HTTP/S). My theory is that the jenkins portion of the code in the AMI is failing and it's not deploying the webservice. Can someone please help look into the template for me asap - I'm looking at utilizing JRIO for a big project.



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confirmed that there is an issue with the template. the bucket being created is empty, no report templates/sample data or anything else in it. Might be someting to do with the AMI referenced in the template... can't really use this product now. I know that there is no support for this product but it would be fantastic just to get a response acknowledging that an issue does exist.


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