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Adhoc Report never completes in Full data mode


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I have a cross tab adhoc report that I am creating within the report designer. The report’s grouping is on 5 rows and it has 5 filters.

The report runs fine without any calculated measures added as columns in both sample data and full data modes.

Once I add the measures, the report run fine in sample data mode, but once I switch to full data mode, I get the spinning wheel and the report never completes.

The measure’s design are as follows;

1) Pallet Quantity Average

Formula Builder = Average("Pallet Quantity", 'RowGroup') – Pallet Quantity is a field on a dimension table.
Summary Calculation = AggregateFormula

2) Storage Price

Formula Builder = 1.3 --fixed value
Summary Calculation = Sum

3) Pallet Usage

Formula Builder = Sum("Final Stock Quantity", 'Current') / Average("Pallet Quantity Average", 'Current') – Final Stock Quantity is a field on a dimension table. Using Average again here just to be able to use the Current level parameter.

Summary Calculation = Custom = Sum("Final Stock Quantity") / Average("Pallet Quantity Average")

4) Pallet Storage Cost

Formula Builder = "Pallet Usage" * "Storage Price"
Summary Calculation = AggregateFormula

As indicated this works final with summary data. Once I switch to full data it never completes. Any pointers here would be appreciated.



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I had similarity with null values in scriptlets with spring services that in catch clauses made the error handling. Like try {getEntity ().getOrder (). getDouble () * y.getDouble ()} (catch (Exception e) Log.error ("error");
If the exception is throw, the report was not generated. To solve I had to test if (getEntity (). getOrder () ! = null && y != null) try ...

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