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Report is shown but not printed correctly

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By: McCoy - mccoy22

Report is shown but not printed correctly

2005-11-09 05:17


I have a strange problem:

I have a master report with two subreports. in the latter subreport there is another subreport (a subsubreport) which shows a diagram. The diagram is optional and the subsubreport with the diagram is only shown, if the parameter in printWhen-Expression of the subsubreport is true.

It all worked fine until i had to change the widh of the report because of cutted margins when printing the report.

Now here is my problem:

When I generate a report it is shown correctly with the JasperViewer (in both cases: with and without the diagram in the subsubreport). But only the report without the diagram is printed correctly as shown by the JasperViewer. When i print the report with the diagram the output is empty apart from a JPG-Logo in the upper left corner.


Now it comes stranger:

When i export the report with the diagram to PDF the content is shown correctly with AcrobatReader. When I then print the PDF-File with Acrobat, the report content is printed correctly except the diagram of the subsubreport. Instead there is a red box with the size of the subreport printed...


My assumtion is a problem with the different sizes of the subreport. Which restrictions do i have for using subreports?


Thanks for your help!

Greetings McCoy






By: McCoy - mccoy22

RE: Report is shown but not printed correctly

2005-11-17 04:44

Finally I found the cause for this problem, which is indeed very strange:


I had a logo image at the title band. The title band is printed on an extra page. The same logo is at the same position of the page header band.


When I remove the logo image from the title band, the report works correct!

Is this a bug? Or a Logo-caching problem?


Unfortunately the error with the box-printing (instead of diagrams) in Acrobat still exists.

Is this a bug, too?


(I create the diagrams manually inside the scriptlets. I do not use the diagram-generation that comes with iReport. (Using Version 0.6.6 of Jasper).


Thanks for help!







By: Lucian Chirita - lucianc

RE: Report is shown but not printed correctly

2005-11-17 05:54



If you could provide us a simple sample to replicate this, we could look into it and decide whether it's a bug or you're doing something wrong. If you can, send the sample to lucianc at users sourceforge net.


Thank you,


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