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Max number of bind parameters in SQL for Jasper Server REST


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Hi all

I'm using Jasper Studio 6.6.0 along with the Bitnami JasperReports Stack 7.1.0 Rev 5. Both in Windows Platforms.

I have a SQL for our Oracle database which is 400 lines long.

When the report is running in the Studio, everything is fine. The report even compiles and gets deployed into the server.

When I try to run the report from a browser, the report inputs modal is shown but an error is thrown. The log shows the error along with the complete SQL.

The bind parameters starts at 1, for example:

WHERE h.emp_num = :1

and they get incrementing as the query goes.

But then I see that when the bind parameters reachs 98, they start to be missed:

WHERE h.emp_num = ?

And that will be the reason for the error because Oracle can't understand those expresions.

Two questions:

¿How can I increase the number of bind expresions? So I can increase the limit on the numbered bind parameters.

And ...

The report just have three parameters but they are spreaded all over the query. Are there some way of avoid incrementing this bind counter for the parameters? ¿Keep they as three bindings maybe?

Thanks in advance

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