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Subreports using data from .CSV files


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Hi all!

I am quite new in the Jasper reporting world, and I am confused about the behaiviour of subreports. I have been looking around in different forums (sometimes questions dating from more than a decade ago!) and I cannot find any definite answer.

My problem is that I would like to create a main report containing four subreports in it, each of them gathering data from a different .CSV data source. When I try to define the data connection for each of the subreports, I don't know what to choose. If I pick "empty data source", the structure of the subreports will be shown, but will all data being null values. Everything else I tried resulted in the subreports not being shown at all.

According to some, what I want is impossible to achieve. According to others, I have to manually define the "data source expression" in the subreport properties, but I don't know what to put there.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

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