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Issues printing SQL query results in different text fields


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Hi, good morning.

I'm having an issue when printing a SQL query result in different text fields on a report.

I'll explain what happens:

The SQL query returns the following information (data is approximate):


This SQL query takes information from different tables, so there are inner joins in the query.

The text fields on the report are located in different parts, so I can't use the table element to present all the data. The text fields have the following expressions (where X is the ID number):

- ($F{ID}.intValue()==X)?$F{PERCENTAGE_TOTAL}:""

- ($F{ID}.intValue()==X)?$F{TOTAL}:""

- ($F{ID}.intValue()==X)?$F{PERCENTAGE_SUM}:""

- ($F{ID}.intValue()==X)?$F{SUM}:""

This means that I have 4 text fields for each ID in my report.

When I generate the report, I only see data for the first ID (11), but I can't see data for the other IDs.

Does anybody knows why the information from the other IDs isn't being represented on the report?

Hope someone can help me, and I hope my information is clear enough. If it isn't, I can explain better, if you need clarification.

I'm using Jaspersoft Studio 6.6.0 plugin for Eclipse, downloaded from Eclipse Marketplace.

Thanks in advance for the help.



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After an extensive search, I found out that the fields for the IDs different than 11, are also being set to use the ID = 11.

For example, I have this expression, ($F{ID}.intValue()==22)?$F{PERCENTAGE_TOTAL}:"". I kept getting a blank field for this text field. Once I set the expression as this, ($F{ID}.intValue()==22)?$F{PERCENTAGE_TOTAL}:$F{ID}.intValue(), I saw that the value being used is 11. That's why I was always getting blank fields.

Now, my question is this: does anyone knows how to make the other fields use the value assigned to?



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