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Adding my own resourceBundle to perform translations on the fly


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I'm intending to create a class that extends java.util.resourceBundle which will use Google translate to convert text into various languages (and also save the translation to file for future reference). 

I already have a library contained in a single JAR file used for some additional formating, which already works, so I have added the bare bones of an extended resourceBundle to this.

My problem is that when I run the report I keep getting MissingResourceExceptions : Can't find bundle for base name etc. etc. etc

In JasperSoft Studio in the reports resource bundle setting I have put my class name in (i.e. myTranslator) but I read it needed the fully qualified name so I have also put 'com.companyName.myLibrary.myTranslator' but still it is throwing up the same exception.

I noticed that nothing appears in the open resource lookup, am I missing something to get my resourceBundle class to appear here?

What am I doing wrong?

Please note, whilst I've been a developer for many years Java is definitely NOT my first language, I only know enough to make me dangerous!

Many thanks in advance.

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