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Value error - sum

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By: Rodrigo - digobr

Value error - sum

2005-11-11 06:07

hi everyone,


i'm new to jasper reports (and so to the forum), and i'm having a big problem.


i have a report where i show some values (in the currency pattern). and then i have to show the total (sum) of this values (all the column), but the result given by the report isn't right.


i'm using iReport 0.5.2 and JasperReports 1.1.0.


u can see this "errors" in the following links:


pic 1



pic 2



in picture 1, the result's wrong, i was supposed to be "R$ 126.172,52", not "R$ 126.172,54".

in pic 2, the sum (without pattern) is "wrong" (decimal part).





By: jorge - sirion_oef

RE: Value error - sum

2005-11-11 15:39

what formula are you using for calculate the sum?


how do you use the variable that contains that formula?


is your report is not too big post it, for help you easier

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