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Unable to assign ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR to user account


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We're using Jaspersoft Community Edition 7.1.0, set up to authenticate against Active Directory.

The admin (using the jasperadmin account) is attempting to assign ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR to a user account.

The assignment appears to be successful, but does not take effect, and when he checks back later, the account does not have ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR assigned. 

My questions:

1) What is going on here?

2) How can we assign the ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR role to a user account



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What's going on here is that external accounts take their roles from the LDAP authentication setup, not from the assignment by the admin. Your admin is assigning within JRS, and then the minute the person logs in, the authentication process looks at their permissions from the external authentication process and overrides the manual setting.  This is to ensure that you are managing roles in a single place.

The documentation on creating admin users is here:


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