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Problem with rendering the Dashboard

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I just started to work with the visualize.js and experince the problem with rendering my Dashboard. The developer tool in chrome shows me the following errors

Failed to load resource:http://localhost:8081/jasperserver-pro/rest_v2/reportExecutions the server responded with a status of 400 ()

visualize.js:54 17:41:21.966 [bi/report/Report] [visualize.js:54] [ERROR] - illegal.parameter.value.error : the value "/public/Workshop/Ad_Hoc_View" of the parameter "reportURI" is invalid.


here is the code



<script src="http://localhost:8081/jasperserver-pro/client/visualize.js"></script>



<div id="container"></div>


    auth: {
      name: "jasperadmin",
    password: "jasperadmin"
}, function (v) {

    var report = v.report({
      resource: "/public/Workshop/Profit_Dashboard",
      container: "#container",






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You are using report rendering function for rendering dashboards - That's the problem. You should be using v.dashboard. For example:

visualize({    auth: {        name: "jasperadmin",        password: "jasperadmin",    }}, function (v) {    var dashboard = v.dashboard({        resource: "/public/Workshop/Profit_Dashboard",        container: "#container"    });});[/code]


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