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I need to create multi copies of a report with different headings


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I have a Bill of Lading that I have created and I need the same page(s) of data to print 3 more copies with different heading or tital.

The first page says Original Bill of Lading, the Second copy is to say Shipping Order, Third page Memorandum and last Forth page Packing List.

How do I do this.  Please I need to know how to do this in the designer (detailed steps) and NOT showing me the XML.

thank you in advance.


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Today I saw your question and I think you can do the following in the TextField Expression Editor that represents the title:

( $V{PAGE_NUMBER}.intValue() == 1  ? "Original Bill of Lading" : ($V{PAGE_NUMBER}.intValue() == 2  ? "Shipping Order"          : ($V{PAGE_NUMBER}.intValue() == 3  ? "Memorandum"              : " Packing List")))[/code]

I did not provide it! Test by youself.

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