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crrostab query string

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By: Ljiljana Kozic - ljocko

crrostab query string

2005-11-08 06:07

I have a stored procedure

kadroviIzvPkg.struktura(p1 varchar2, p2 varchar2, p3 date, p4 varchar2, rc sys_refcursor);


Here is a peace of jrxml file:


<parameter name="UFIRMASUB" class="java.lang.String"></parameter>

<parameter name="UORGJEDSUB" class="java.lang.String"></parameter>

<parameter name="UDATUMSUB" class="java.util.Date"></parameter>

<parameter name="URADNOMESTOSUB" class="java.lang.String"></parameter>



<field name="FIRMA" class="java.lang.String"></field>

<field name="FIRMANAZIV" class="java.lang.String"></field>

<field name="ORGJED" class="java.lang.String"></field>

<field name="ORGJEDNAZIV" class="java.lang.String"></field>

<field name="SPREMA" class="java.lang.String"></field>

<field name="SPREMANAZIV" class="java.lang.String"></field>

<field name="POL" class="java.lang.String"> </field>

<field name="STATUS" class="java.lang.String"></field>

<field name="BROJ" class="java.lang.Integer"></field>




I got error "wrong number or types of arguments in call to 'STRUKTURA' ORA-06550"


When I call this procedure within the main query string everything work just fine


Any help





By: Lucian Chirita - lucianc

RE: crrostab query string

2005-11-08 08:00

Have you passed values for all the parameters to the sub dataset? This is done inside <datasetRun> by <datasetParameter> or <parametersMapExpression>.




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