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Print all reports to one sheet in excel export


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Hi everyone,

I'm using Jasper with spring to export a set of separated reports to an excel file via a list of JasperPrint using the following code:

    public File getExcelFile() throws IOException, JRException{        File excel = new File(getReportTitle()+".xlsx");        JRXlsxExporter exporter = new JRXlsxExporter();        exporter.setExporterInput(SimpleExporterInput.getInstance(jasperPrintList)); // where jasperPrintList is a List<JasperPrint> of separated reports.        exporter.setExporterOutput(new SimpleOutputStreamExporterOutput(excel));        SimpleXlsxReportConfiguration reportConfig = new SimpleXlsxReportConfiguration();        reportConfig.setOnePagePerSheet(false);        reportConfig.setWrapText(true);        reportConfig.setAutoFitPageHeight(true);        exporter.setConfiguration(reportConfig);        exporter.exportReport();        return excel;    }[/code]

Above code generates excel file with one sheet per report.

How can I set it to generate all reports to one sheet only, not sheet per report?

Thanks in advance.


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